Monday, January 02, 2006

Why BoF?

I remember how people used to say, with a somewhat undefined sense of amazement, how "just about anything you can think of, you can find a site about it on the Internet." And I believed that to be true, ever since I was told it by my technology-amazed grandmother in '97, the idea later reinforced by the ever-so-truth-conscious media. Now, of course, I'm not so blindly certain of the existence of "everything you can think of" on the net. I mean, yeah, it's probably true of porn (MIDGETS, MIDGETS, MIDGETS!!!), but there is a mysterious lack of information on current book to film projects. Where is They are nowhere near the topic, if they exist at all!! My grandma was wrong, and that's frustrating to my identity and sense of self worth, in a grandma worshipping kind of way. Thus, BoF.

We here at BoF are keeping ourselves au courant on film and television projects for your as well as our own entertainment and edification. You will learn that Sofia Coppola wrote her upcoming 'Marie-Antoinette' screenplay not just from actual history, but based largely on the biography 'Marie-Antoinette: The Journey' by Anita Fraser. You will learn how Amanda Bynes' (triumphant) return to the big screen relates to Shakespeare. You will learn of my undying passion for Jennifer Weiner and my obsessive need for more of her books than 'In Her Shoes' to be turned into screenplays!

More importantly, you will learn about yourself, grow in your humanity, and ultimately discover your reason for being. ...okay, maybe not. But maybe?

Please stay tuned for updates on current and upcoming film and television projects based on books. Served up with style.

-- Brian, your friendly neighborhood book lover


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