Monday, January 02, 2006

From the Editors...

To be clear from the start: we are not film critics by any means, nor do we claim any special right to have our opinions recognized above those of professionals, semi-professionals or even Brian's uncle Ed who just really likes movies. However, there are several reasons why you should listen to us, including but not limited to:
1.) the potential of hurting our feelings if you don't,
2.) our witty and stunning presentation,
3.) Brian's inviting smile and hot ass, and
4.) your love of books AND movies, including your desire for a current and comprehensive guide to the myriad of film and television projects based on books (which you love).

Why Books on Film? We the editors have discovered an unforgivable lack of websites devoted specifically to books developed into screen projects. It's a topic we love, a topic we research on our own because hang it all, we want to know! Why can't we find a website that satisfies our needs? (another list is approaching) We can't find one because:
a.) such a website, replete with wit and charm, does not exist; or,
b.) it does and we didn't look hard enough to find it and also don't care, preferring our own blog instead.

Did you notice how that second list was done with letters instead of numbers? We did.

So listen to Uncle Ed, who tells us upon hearing of this blog, and before nerding out and telling us (again) how he once saw Roger Ebert in an airport from a distance, "Movies are cool. So's books. You all rule."

Yes, we do, Uncle Ed. Yes, we do.

-- The Editors


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