Wednesday, January 04, 2006

December 2005 releases

The following BoFs were released in December:

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, from the book by C.S. Lewis

Brokeback Mountain, from the short story by Annie Proulx

Munich, from the book Vengeance by George Jonas
Memoirs of a Geisha, from the novel by Arthur Golden
Rumor Has It..., ...based on The Graduate, originally a novel by Charles Webb
Cheaper By the Dozen 2, ...idea originally from the book by Frank B. Gilbreth Jr.
Fun With Dick & Jane, remake of Fun With Dick & Jane (1977), from the novel by Gerald Gaiser

Selected reviews and comparisons to come.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

November 2005 releases

Hollywood & Co. gave us the following BoFs in November (by release date):

+ Jarhead, from the autobiography of Anthony Swofford

+ Bee Season, from the novel by Myla Goldberg
+ Derailed, from the novel by James Siegel
+ Zathura, from the children's book by Chris van Allsburg

+ Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, from the magic golden pen of J.K. Rowling

+ The Ice Harvest, from the novel by Scott Phillips
+ The Libertine, from the play by Stephen Jeffreys
+ Pride & Prejudice, from the novel by Jane Austen, previously made several times over
+ Syriana, from the book See No Evil by Robert Baer
+ Yours, Mine & Ours, from the book 'Who Gets the Drumsticks' by Helen Beardsley, originally made as 'Yours, Mine & Ours' (1968)

Selected reviews and comparisons to come.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Why BoF?

I remember how people used to say, with a somewhat undefined sense of amazement, how "just about anything you can think of, you can find a site about it on the Internet." And I believed that to be true, ever since I was told it by my technology-amazed grandmother in '97, the idea later reinforced by the ever-so-truth-conscious media. Now, of course, I'm not so blindly certain of the existence of "everything you can think of" on the net. I mean, yeah, it's probably true of porn (MIDGETS, MIDGETS, MIDGETS!!!), but there is a mysterious lack of information on current book to film projects. Where is They are nowhere near the topic, if they exist at all!! My grandma was wrong, and that's frustrating to my identity and sense of self worth, in a grandma worshipping kind of way. Thus, BoF.

We here at BoF are keeping ourselves au courant on film and television projects for your as well as our own entertainment and edification. You will learn that Sofia Coppola wrote her upcoming 'Marie-Antoinette' screenplay not just from actual history, but based largely on the biography 'Marie-Antoinette: The Journey' by Anita Fraser. You will learn how Amanda Bynes' (triumphant) return to the big screen relates to Shakespeare. You will learn of my undying passion for Jennifer Weiner and my obsessive need for more of her books than 'In Her Shoes' to be turned into screenplays!

More importantly, you will learn about yourself, grow in your humanity, and ultimately discover your reason for being. ...okay, maybe not. But maybe?

Please stay tuned for updates on current and upcoming film and television projects based on books. Served up with style.

-- Brian, your friendly neighborhood book lover

From the Editors...

To be clear from the start: we are not film critics by any means, nor do we claim any special right to have our opinions recognized above those of professionals, semi-professionals or even Brian's uncle Ed who just really likes movies. However, there are several reasons why you should listen to us, including but not limited to:
1.) the potential of hurting our feelings if you don't,
2.) our witty and stunning presentation,
3.) Brian's inviting smile and hot ass, and
4.) your love of books AND movies, including your desire for a current and comprehensive guide to the myriad of film and television projects based on books (which you love).

Why Books on Film? We the editors have discovered an unforgivable lack of websites devoted specifically to books developed into screen projects. It's a topic we love, a topic we research on our own because hang it all, we want to know! Why can't we find a website that satisfies our needs? (another list is approaching) We can't find one because:
a.) such a website, replete with wit and charm, does not exist; or,
b.) it does and we didn't look hard enough to find it and also don't care, preferring our own blog instead.

Did you notice how that second list was done with letters instead of numbers? We did.

So listen to Uncle Ed, who tells us upon hearing of this blog, and before nerding out and telling us (again) how he once saw Roger Ebert in an airport from a distance, "Movies are cool. So's books. You all rule."

Yes, we do, Uncle Ed. Yes, we do.

-- The Editors